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Banana Dosa


  •  Mash the bananas nicely with a masher or with your hands.
  •  Add rice flour, maida, sugar, and cardamom powder.
  •  Mix everything together to get a thick batter. You can mix with your hands or use a blender.
  •  Mix the raisins and cashews with the batter.
  • Heat a griddle and pour a spoonful of batter and spread gently. It will be thicker than normal dosa.
  • Pour a few drops of ghee on top. Fry on medium flame till the dosa is completely cooked and golden brown on both sides.

Serving Suggestions

  • This dosa can be served as a dessert or snack with some honey.


  • Use brown sugar or jaggery instead of sugar for a different flavor.


  • Ripe bananas – 2
  • Rice flour – 1/4 cup
  • All-purpose flour (Maida) – 2 tblsp
  • Cardoman powder – 1 pinch
  • Sugar – to taste
  • Raisins – 2 tblsp (chopped)
  • Cashews – 2 tblsp (chopped)
  • Sunsolite Oil – to fry

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